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Camp Prepper: How to prep for Christian Camps in PA

We have all heard of the phenom we call Preppers. If you go to google and search for “Preppers,” you will see more than 10 million hits on everything from being prepared to endure Covid-19 to having enough food through a storm with a long-term power outage. That may or may not be necessary to you, but what might make much sense is, “How can I best prepare my kids for summer camp this year?”

Being prepared is something that Mom takes much more seriously than Chad, who is ten and is heading to kid’s camp. Let’s take a look at what Chad might pack if Mom gave him the task. Three pairs of shorts, two pairs of underwear, four shirts, and all the snacks he can fit in the rest of the space in his bag. Chad will forget his deodorant and toothbrush but would remember enough peach rings for the entire cabin all week. It would be a stinky surprise every time the counselor comes into the room and gasps in the essence of pure ten-year-old, foot stench, bathroom odors, and yup, you guessed it, peach rings! It brings pure joy, but only to a select few that have experienced it.

So we are going to help you out. Chad doesn’t need 10 pounds of peach rings from the bulk candy center at your local grocery store. He needs you to help him plan for each day, keeping in mind that it could (probably will) rain at least one day, and it’ll be hot. You can often get a schedule of your particular camp from your organization’s website to let you know what will be happening each day. Day 1 - Arrive and swim, dinner, then a service with snack bar following. Day 2 - Breakfast, morning service, lunch, free time and activities, pool time, and dinner and service with snack bar afterward. Let me encourage you to break down these days; consider that Chad will go out into the rain and slide in the mud with his friends on Wednesday, then they will use their pool towels to try to clean up. Make sure that your student has a couple of beach towels, a couple of shower towels (show them the difference), and put in an extra change of clothes, just in case. Chad won’t need his cell phone to text his “girlfriend” back home, but rather, pack that sunscreen and deodorant and show Chad how to apply it correctly.

I know what you are thinking; Chad will come home with clean clothes still in his suitcase. Trust me; the smell can be washed away! What matters most is that he had a fantastic experience and an absolute blast at camp. Don’t worry; your kids will be back home soon enough, saying “I’m borrrrrrred” and driving you crazy. Allow them the opportunity to have the most incredible summer ever and to be kids. It’s ok if they play in the mud and have a great time. Just remember, they need your help to properly “prep.” We sure hope to see Chad or Lisa, or Jamie at camp this year. We all need a break; they need the break from you, and we know you need a break from them. Hope to see your kids at BCC Pennsylvania Christian Retreat Center this summer.

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