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Is Summer Camp During The Pandemic Safe For Children?

Is Summer Camp During The Pandemic Safe For Children?

When the pandemic spread last year, sending children to summer camp was a daunting task. Today, the children hope to participate in the camp, especially with the invention of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Is your child thinking about attending an overnight summer camp? The information in this article will assist you in making an informed decision. Find out how summer camp during pandemic can be safe by reading on.

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Safety guidelines for summer camp in 2021

Summer camps that offer day and overnight programs for children must follow these safety guidelines. Safety protocols established by the CDC apply to all camping facilities. It is important to remember that these safety precautions will help reduce the spread of Covid-19. All camp administrators in Georgia should strive to reduce risk to all camp participants, says the American Association of Camps in Georgia. Here are a few of these guidelines for summer camp during Covid-19:

Wear your mask correctly

If campers and camp staff were fully vaccinated, they would not need to wear masks during summer camp stated by the pa Christian conference center. However, it depends on state, federal, tribal, territorial, or local laws. Campers over two years old should always wear masks indoors and outdoors unless they are eating or swimming. All camp staff, especially those who facilitate daily camp activities, should wear double masks. This helps to reduce the risk of the spreading of Covid-19. 

Focus on outdoor activities during the day and overnight summer camps

Covid-19 is a high-risk respiratory illness whose chances of spreading increase when people are stuck inside. As a result, global health experts and professionals at the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend outdoor activities to reduce the risk of Covid-19. Spending time outdoors allows campers to have enough space to ensure physical distance while creating a safer environment for children. 

Maintaining physical distance 

According to CDC officials, summer camps should adopt the “cohort” system. Here, staff and campers are placed in pod-type classes and stay there as much as possible. This system helps reduce risks among large groups. All cohort members must also maintain a three-feet physical distance from one another.

Adoption of testing and monitoring practices 

Certain summer camp facilities perform testing and screening exams on staff members and campers. These assessments include temperature checks every morning. In addition, CDC officials say people who have not yet been vaccinated should have regular Covid-19 tests during Christian camps.

Improved hand hygiene

Organizers of summer camps should provide various handwashing stations with soap and running water. Campers and camp staff should wash their hands regularly whenever possible. In addition, the use of hand sanitizers should be encouraged during off-site activities. 

Thorough cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance practices

All common rooms and surfaces such as the dining room, cabin berths, and playrooms should be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned daily. Facilities should be well-appointed to facilitate sufficient ventilation and social distancing where possible. 

Additional guidelines for campers attending overnight camps

Camp organizers ask attendants to self-isolate or quarantine for fourteen days before embarking on the summer camp trip. Campers coming from abroad by train, plane or bus should follow local travel regulations. According to the New York Times, some countries require travelers to undergo additional preventive testing for Covid-19 and adhere to isolation. 

Adopt an emergency plan to manage the emergency illness

Some campers may use shared transportation services which may expose them to the Covid-19 virus. As a result, camp organizers and supervisors should have a quarantine plan established to handle possible emergencies. 

Search for contacts

If the camp becomes infected with Covid-19, camp leaders will need to consult and collaborate with local or state public health officials to:

  • Isolation of people with symptoms related to Covid-19
  • Screening of people with symptoms related to Covid
  • Quarantine of all close contacts of people with symptoms related to Covid
  • Send a message to all family members of campers

Remember, fully vaccinated people who have no symptoms related to Covid do not need quarantine. However, it depends on local, state, or federal regulations. 

Is sending your child to summer camp during the pandemic risky?

The possibility of campers contracting Covid-19 depends on the viral level of the infectious disease in a specific area. Use the following tips to determine the risk level of your pre-travel summer camp facility

Understand the dominant limits on crowds

The CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is against large crowds. Keep in mind that these regulations may vary from region to region. Determine the security measures in the summer camp area and get details about the rally sizes before sending your child to camp. 

Determine the cases of coronavirus in the region

What is the situation of Coronavirusin your area? Are the numbers decreasing, increasing, or stagnating? Even when your locality has not been affected by the virus, you will want to consider regional summer camps, especially if your child is going abroad. Contact your local health department for this information. If you live in Pennsylvania, contact  Bongiorno Conference Center – Christian retreat centers pa to determine the covid situation. You can also check various resourceful local websites and newspapers for detailed information. 

Ask questions with an emphasis on safety from our Christian retreat center Pennsylvania.

Whether you want to send your child to your favorite summer camp or want to try a new location, emphasize safety and consider the downsides and benefits – stated by our Christian conference center Pennsylvania. Before choosing your ideal summer camp facility, you will want to understand:

  • The number of campers allowed in the establishment. 
  • The regulations on the size of groups? How many campers will be in a group? Will the small groups have the same supervisor?
  • The camp’s operating program. Is it running at full capacity or partial capacity? Does it offer both day camp and night camp services? 
  • What about physical distancing? How does the facility plan to achieve the three to six-foot physical distance during naps, activities, and meals? Does the facility have enough spaces and rooms to maintain social distancing rules? 
  • What are the pick-up and return arrangements for day campers? 
  • Determine what measures the camping facility has in place to prevent the spread of the virus while campers are present. 

Make the final decision.

Remember that you decide whether or not to release your child for the night or day camp. Consider the child’s unique risk factors before making the final decision. For example, if your family is at higher risk for Covid-19 and associated complications, you may want to put all summer camp plans on hold until the situation improves.

If your child needs special care, consult their pediatrician before sending them to camp. If you choose to send your child to summer camp, make sure they understand the following:

  • In-depth hand washing practices. Train them as children and have them practice washing their hands with soap and running water. 
  • Teach them how to wear masks correctly and understand the importance of wearing them for long periods. 
  • Show how physical distancing works.
  • Remind them of the importance of good respiratory etiquette. Children should sneeze or cough into a tissue, throw it away and wash their hands. 
  • Teach them the importance of following the instructions given by the camp supervisors. 


  • If your child is eligible for the Covid-19 vaccination, let them get the full vaccine before starting the summer camp trip.
  • Make sure the camping facility has adopted safety protocols to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the facility.
  • Make sure the camp has strong measures in place to handle all cases of Covid-19 should they arise. 
  • Campers will still have fun despite the strict regulations designed to protect them from the virus. 

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