A Christian Camp & Retreat Center

Know When to Go!

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in my office around 3 PM on a Friday, and I was just tired. Not the tired where I needed to lay on the floor with a pillow, but the kind of tired that indicated that I needed to escape. So, I sent a message to a few people asking about the best places locally (we have only lived in our area a few months) to take my wife out for a nice dinner. After weighing the options, I made a reservation, went home and freshened up and put on a button-down shirt, and took my bride out to a lovely dinner. 

I tell you that story to let you know that we need to “Know When to Go!” But, more importantly, we need to know when to get out of the office to our place of refuge. Here at the Bongiorno Camp and Conference Center, we provide that place of refuge for so many people. We love hosting retreats for groups that need a place to come and relax, glean from the Lord, eat, and enjoy the creation that the Lord has provided.  

We would love to be that place for you as well. We would be thrilled to talk to you about having a staff retreat or a couple’s retreat. We are here to serve your needs and would love to have a conversation with you about how we could best meet your group’s needs. Maybe you have put it off for too long, as I did in taking my wife out to dinner, and you need to “Know When to Go.” Please call us or send us an email inquiry from our website: https://bongiornocc.com/check-availability/ We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a blessed day.

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