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Leaders in the Making: Valuable Skills You Will Learn at Camp

Leaders in the Making: Valuable Skills You Will Learn at Camp

Whether you attended Christian camps in Pennsylvania growing up or getting ready to send your kids off for a fantastic summer experience, it is essential to take some time and reflect on the tremendous life skills learned at camp. 


Teamwork is at the heart of many camp activities. Campers quickly learn that they have much more fun and can get things accomplished much quicker when they work in teams, whether they are writing computer code, playing sports, or building a fire. These team-building skills follow children throughout their entire lives.


At camp, kids become independent. Mom is no longer there to lead their every decision, and they are responsible for their schedules. Older kids at camp get even more exposure to leadership as they fill the roles of junior counselors and counselors. Many people who never thought of themselves as leaders find that they have a natural talent for effectively leading at summer camp.


Camp is real-life, and when campers get stung by a bee at camp, mom is not there to nurse them back to health. Instead, they learn to use resources like the nursing station and overcome the pain and challenge independently. When kids learn to overcome challenges and get back on their feet alone, they make tremendous progress toward being strong, successful adults. Summer camp is filled with opportunities to develop resilience, and as a result, campers come home more confident in their abilities to battle diversity. But rest assured that the camp counselors are on the sidelines, ready to assist when needed.


Summer camp is an excellent tool to teach kids how to be independent. Of course, a large part of independence is making decisions. The camp environment helps kids understand situations and the consequences of their actions and decisions in a safe environment. This fosters the perfect domain to make mistakes, learn from mistakes, and learn how to make vital decisions. 


Even if your child is attending a non-sports camp, they will still learn the fundamentals of sportsmanship, from playing board games to making arts and crafts to cooking. Sportsmanship benefits kids in school, friendships, and their future careers and families. It is an essential skill to learn and practice at Christian camps in PA.


It takes much courage for kids to pack their bags and bid farewell to their parents, siblings, and friends for an extended period to head to camp. But, kids can’t learn what they’re capable of until they experience it. At camp, kids have many opportunities to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and make new friends. This leads to brave, courageous, confident kids.

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