A Christian Camp & Retreat Center

Why should I send my kids to camp?


It’s a question that we have been asked probably 100,000 times in our lifetime. When was the last time you asked yourself Why? Why should I send my kids to camp? What is the real reason we would even consider this?

As a youth and kid’s pastor throughout my career, I have learned that there is not just one reason to answer this question. Over the years of ministry, I have learned that there are many, many reasons that you might want the kids out of the house for a week.

For the most part, most parents that I have had the privilege to know have the best intentions in mind when they send their kids to camp. Of course, some have ulterior motives, but they still have their kid’s best interest in mind, and still others, who just want a week of peace and quiet so they can finish the book that they started a year ago.

So, I ask again, Why? Why are you sending your kids to camp this year? I trust that you realize the Bongiorno Conference Center exists to give your kids an opportunity to encounter the Living God. We are unapologetically a Christian Camp and Conference Center nestled in the hills of central Pennsylvania. We would encourage you to pray for your kids while they are here that God would work deeply in their hearts. Pray that He will bring change and His Spirit would transform their minds. This world offers them so many misguided notions of how to “get ahead.” We know that God has a plan for everyone and your kids are no exception to this.

Another reason that you might send your kids to camp might be that you are just looking for some peace and quiet. It’s ok; you need a break too. It’s amazing that we have the resources and assurance that our kids will be taken care of while away. We have people serving in our churches that genuinely care about you and your family. They are happy to take your kids to camp for a week. They will help your kids pack their belongings into a church bus or trailer and cart them away to camp. You can act like you are crying for a moment and then get off to your task list as long or as short as it may be.

We all know that there is a great need out there for our kids to be encouraged. Allow your church leadership to “love on” your kids for a week; it will change them. It will help mold them into what God desires them to be. So many kid’s lives are changed when they attend a camp. So, ask yourself Why… or Why not, and send them to camp. It’ll change their lives.

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