Lodging Options at Our Retreat Center in PA

Lodging Options at Our Retreat Center in PA

The Bongiorno Conference Center, a top Christian Retreat Center in Pennsylvania, offers a variety of lodging options catering to different group sizes and preferences. The accommodations include deluxe suites, hotel-style rooms, leadership centers, fourplexes, economical dorms, cabins, and RV & tent sites, all designed to support the needs of campers and groups seeking spiritual growth

The center emphasizes creating an environment conducive to faith, ministry, and team building, with facilities that include rooms ideal for meeting space and dining options for guests. Additionally, the retreat center organizes various activities and upcoming events focused on enhancing community and personal development. For more detailed information, please visit their website.

Deluxe Suites

The Deluxe Suites at the Bongiorno Conference Center offer a luxurious retreat experience, equipped with private baths, and amenities like linens &  and towels for guest comfort. These facilities are tailored for campers seeking a serene and spiritually enriching environment.


The Suites at Bongiorno Conference Center are designed to cater to the needs of retreat guests, including speakers and leadership teams. Each of the 10 suites has features a king-sized bed, and 8 of these suites are tworoom suites with a living area and kitchenette. These facilities provide a unique opportunity for team building and other group activities, enhancing the overall retreat experience.

Hotel Style Rooms

The Hotel Style Rooms at Bongiorno Conference Center are designed to provide comfort and convenience to retreat guests. Each room features private baths, and is well-stocked with linens & and towels, ensuring a pleasant stay. These facilities are the perfect option for individuals or group campers participating in team-building activities and retreat programs.


The Hotel at the Bongiorno Conference Center is a three-story building that offers a variety of room options, including with 17 rooms equipped with queen beds, and 8 rooms with 2 twin beds, accommodating 50 guests in total. Additionally, the hotel features Includes 2 handicap accessible rooms and 3 rooms ideal for meeting space on the ground floor, ensuring inclusivity for all campers.

Hotel East

Hotel East at the Bongiorno Conference Center is a three-story building connected to the Hotel which includes 16 rooms and is tailored to enhance the retreat experience for its guests. Each room has two bunk beds and a queen bed that accommodates 6 guests and a total of 96 people in the building. This retreat facility also includes 2 handicap accessible rooms and a large meeting room., perfect for team-building and engaging retreat activities.

David Leadership Center

The David Leadership Center at the Bongiorno Conference Center comfortable accommodations and facilities suitable for retreat guests. This center is a two-story building provides that features 8 rooms with 1 queen bed and 3 bunk beds, accommodating 8 guests in each room and a total of 64 guests in the building. The top floor of the center has a large room ideal for meeting space, making it a prime camp for group retreat exercises and providing plenty of space for enjoyable and interactive retreat activities.


There are 3 Fourplex buildings at the Bongiorno Conference Center. Each Fourplex building has 4 rooms, making them ideal for retreat groups and team-building activities. Each room features 1 queen bed and three 3 bunk beds, which accommodates 8 guests in each room and a total of. Each sleep 32 guests in each building. This retreat facility is tailored to enhance the retreat experience for all campers, fostering an engaging and memorable stay.

Economical Dorms

The Economical Dorms at the Bongiorno Conference Center are the ideal option for groups, especially those attending camp or group retreats focused on team building. These dorms provide a budget-friendly accommodation while still offering ample opportunities for fun activities and engagement. They are well-suited for retreat guests looking for both fun and functional retreat facilities.

Eagle Lodge

Eagle Lodge at the Bongiorno Conference Center is designed to cater group of campers, particularly suitable for group retreats. It offers a two-story building which features 6 rooms with a bath and accommodates 56 guests in bunk beds. The loft provides additional bunk beds for 34 guests with access to the gym (available upon advance request). Overall, 90 guests are accommodated  in this retreat facility, providing campers a suitable option for numerous fun activities and enhancing their retreat experience.

Woods Dorm

Woods Dorm at the Bongiorno Conference Center is a Ttwo barrack-style rooms that accommodates 28 guests in bunk beds with two community bathrooms and 2 additional rooms that features 2 bunk beds and a private bath. Sleeps Overall, 64 total guests are accommodated in this retreat facility which makes it ideal for group retreats engaging in fun activities, enhancing group interaction and connection, a memorable choice for campers.

RV & Tent Sites


The Cabins at the Bongiorno Conference Center offers 4 duplex units that sleep accommodate 8 people guests in each cabin, with four bunk beds and a private bath. This retreat facility is perfect for groups looking for a more rustic retreat experience. They provide a unique setting for camp activities and team-building exercises, enhancing the group retreat experience.

The RV & Tent Sites at Bongiorno Conference Center offers a unique camping experience for groups. The camp is equipped with 39 RV & Tent Sites which have water, sewer, power, a picnic table, a fire ring, and access to a bathhouse with showers and flush toilets, except for unit #39. RV and tent camping is the most cost-effective way to enjoy an event at BCC. outdoor setting and retreat guests get to enjoy fun activities in a more natural, communal environment, enhancing the overall retreat experience.

What Sets Bongiorno’s Lodging Options Apart as Pennsylvania’s Top Destination for Retreats & Camps?

Bongiorno Conference Center in Pennsylvania stands out as an exceptional destination for those seeking spiritual growth and community building. With a wide range of lodging options tailored to the needs of campers and groups, the center ensures a comfortable and enriching experience. The facilities, including various meeting spaces, are perfectly designed for faith-based activities, ministry events, and team building. Moreover, the center’s commitment to providing nourishing meals and organizing upcoming events adds to the holistic retreat experience. This Christian retreat center is not just about accommodation; it’s a hub for spiritual development, community engagement, and memorable activities.

For further information and details, please visit Bongiorno Christian Retreat Center.

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