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Plan for the success of your event!

Administrating a camp can seem like a daunting task. Here are some suggestions that will both outline and help you see the full picture:

  • Select several potential dates for your event (we recommend doing this at least a year in advance if you can).
  • Contact BCC to inquire about availability and discuss your event.
  • Finalize your event dates with BCC with a signed contract and deposit. Reserve all needed guest rooms, meetings rooms, and additional activities such as the pool (seasonal) and gymnasium.
  • Create your event budget and decide on a per person price that you will charge attendees.
  • Set registration and payment deadlines for your attendees.
  • Create registration packets which should include all event details, deadlines, and registration forms.
  • Put together an event promotion plan. Use many different methods to promote your event. Here are some ideas:

Social media promotions

  • Set up a Facebook event
  • Make announcements on Facebook
  • Tweet short announcements
  • Create and use a hashtag for your event (something short and original)
  • Instagram announcements (images and quick videos)

Other Promotions

  • Email marketing
  • Verbal announcements
  • Mail promotional and registration materials
  • Bulletin/newsletter announcements
  • Promote the event on your website
  • Posters


  • Create your event schedule. Doing this early will help you to make a list of what staff is needed to facilitate the activities, what supplies are needed, and any special reservations that need to be made with BCC (athletic fields, pool, etc.)
  • Recruit all of the staff you will need to run your event.
  • Offer fundraising options for your attendees.
  • Pay close attention to BCC deadlines and provide attendee counts as requested. You’ll also want to clearly communicate any specific needs and special requests in advance.
  • Create a plan for transportation to and from your event (children and youth specific events).
  • A few weeks before your event, send out any final communications to your attendees (time to arrive, what to bring, etc.)

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